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Randow Panelbeaters CC is accredited to the following Motor Manufacturers:
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Randow Panelbeaters CC is a member of the following Motor Institutions:

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Randow Panelbeaters CC has a staff compliment of 70 employees who believe in doing it right the first time! Moreover, Randow Panelbeaters is backed by the most qualified and extensive partner network of accredited manufacturers working hand-in-hand with our own support-team members who are committed to going the distance with you, the consumer. Our multidisciplinary team approach ensures the delivery of superior workmanship and service excellence while our client service approach provides a structured method to identify your needs and requirements.

Detailed Vehicle Examination

At Randow Panelbeaters we recognize the value of methodical, detailed vehicle examination. Every vehicle undergoes a thorough testing process that includes a comprehensive diagnostic analysis, accident quality report, wheel body alignment inspection, detailed road test, air conditioning assessment, and checking of all OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) requirements. Our estimator will also examine existing components including tyres, exhaust, battery, some mechanical parts such as differentials and shocks, seats and interiors, panels that are rusted, damaged paintwork, engine and other components that are subjected to wear and tear during the life of a vehicle. Should the remaining life expectancy of old components warrant replacement rather than mere repair, the cost of ‘betterments’ will be included in the quotation. On arrival a checklist is completed by a Randow Panelbeaters consultant in collaboration with the customer to identify old and new damages to the vehicle. Photographs are taken to substantiate these findings.

24-hour Recovery Service

Rand Towing Group is a towing and Recovery Company contracted to Randow Panelbeaters CC. The company has at its disposal recovery vehicles and Roll Back Trucks and is competent to recover any accident-related vehicle. Rand Towing Group is a member of the AA Recovery Unit, SOS, 911 Emergency and SATRA

A 24-hr toll-free number – 0861 550 550 -  for any accident emergencies, is available.

Unique Twin Trisk Trackmaster

Randow Panelbeaters is the first in South Africa to install the unique Twin Trisk Trackmaster in its Paint Shop Dryflatting Area. The system, used for quick drying and touch-up paint jobs, comprises an infra-red curing system which reduces curing time by up to 75%. High-tech fans are used to extract dust from the area assuring a clean preparation and working environment that contributes to good housekeeping and occupational safety. The Paint Shop area is also equipped with new generation equipment including a Dryflatting System, Compressors and Watertrap Functions. Twelve Paintshop Assistants are in attendance.  

Panelbeating / Chassis Straightening

Randow Panelbeating chassis straightening equipment comprises Celette Jig System and Car-o-Liner, approved by VW and major vehicle manufacturers, floor anchoring Korrec Machines used mainly to execute minor repairs, and the Car-o-Tronic electronic diagnostic measuring system, approved by major vehicle manufacturers. The Car-o-Tronic system is efficient to do a twelve point test while simultaneously estimating unseen suspension and structural damages. The Panelbeating Shop is housed in premises covering 4,500sqm; the outside storage yard covering 1,000sqm is adjacent to a separate secured undercover lock-up facility covering 2,000sqm. The Panel Shop staff contingency comprises Workshop Foremen; A-Card qualified Panelbeaters assisted by apprentice Panelbeaters; and Workshop Assistants.

Inspection Pit / Wheel Alignment

Randow Panelbeaters’ inspection pit workshop is equipped with five two-post hoists and one total vehicle lift to facilitate a thorough inspection to assess undercarriage damages to write-up a comprehensive damage report. The function of the wheel alignment bay is twofold as it also serves as an inspection area where wheel alignment tasks are performed.

Welding Equipment

Each work station is equipped with task-specific welding equipment that is anchored to the wall and fitted on a movable overhead frame. While this allows the panelbeater to reach all areas of the vehicle with ease it also ensures that the floor space remains clear of clutter thus allowing unrestricted movement and promotes occupational safety. Randow’s welding equipment comprises CO2 Welders, Spot Welders, Vacuum systems, Multispot Welders, Aluminium Welders, and Plasma Cutter.

Air Conditioning Fitment

There have been tremendous technical advances in vehicle air conditioning during the last decade. It is not just passenger cars that are driving demand for automatic climate control; commercial vehicle buyers also demand a higher standard of interior comfort such as air conditioning.

Mechanical Repairs / Electrical Work

Randow’s mechanical staff are qualified in all facets of general mechanical repairs, servicing and tune-up’s on all model vehicles, including brake, steering and suspension work, diagnostic work, a roadworthy service, electronic fuel systems, clutch overhaul, gear boxes, front-end work, and air conditioning. Electrical work includes the ignition system, alternators and basic wiring.

In-house Component Bins

Each individual workstation is equipped with a secure storage bin to store vehicle components for the vehicle undergoing repairs. Part Managers within each storage facility are responsible for placing orders for all new components. This division also employs Storemen and Drivers.

Computerized Colour Mixing

Randow Panelbeaters operate the Glasurit paint-mix system that provides the broadest product range of colour shades including the capability of creating ever-increasing new colour shades coming on to the market. Glasurit paint-mix computers are built to industrial standards and are economically designed for practicality, zero-defect production and service delivery. This highly efficient, specialized painting facility ensures a quicker turnaround time.

Spray Booth

The state-of-the-art Aer-O-Care Spray Booth which combines workstations for preparation, paint mixing and spray painting is at the heart of the business. The lighting inside the spray booths is distinctive, simulating daylight conditions to facilitate highest standard colour matching.

Full Valet Service

Each vehicle repair is followed by a full valet service.

Personal property removed from the vehicle at the start is stored for safekeeping and returned to the customer.

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