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Randow Panelbeaters CC is accredited to the following Motor Manufacturers:
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Randow Panelbeaters CC is a member of the following Motor Institutions:

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Who do I contact at Randow Panelbeaters?

Phone (010) 216-1673 and ask to speak with Chris Bester, our senior estimator. Our Frontline Manager, will answer any request or enquiry you may have and arrange for a detailed vehicle inspection. If you need any other information, talk to our friendly switchboard lady or ask that she connect you to the right person.

What is the process to claim from my insurance?

One of our resident Consultants will gladly assist you if necessary. The standard procedure is to claim for one incident at a time, which must be reported to the SAP within 24 hours and for which you must obtain a case number. It is vital that you complete the insurers form honestly. A Randow Panelbeaters consultant will conduct a methodical, detailed inspection of the vehicle according to a checklist to identify old and new damages to the vehicle; photographs of the vehicle will taken to substantiate these findings. The vehicle examination includes a comprehensive diagnostic analysis, accident quality report, wheel body alignment inspection, detailed road test, air conditioning assessment, and checking all OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) requirements. The customer is presented with an itemized written quotation, which must be submitted with the claim form to your insurer or broker. Following this, your insurer will appoint an assessor to view your vehicle at our premises to evaluate the claim and to conclude the costs with our Senior Estimator.

Do I need to pay an initial contribution to the Insurance Company?

Insurance companies normally require an initial payment (excess) from the insured to keep the small claims to a minimum and thus keep insurance premium at acceptable levels. Randow Panelbeaters collects the excess from you as it forms part of the total cost of the repair, which means that the insurer is only liable for the outstanding balance. Our frontline staff or Senior Estimator will outline the various sets of contributions.

What are betterments?

“Betterment” is a term used to describe an improvement that increases the overall value of your vehicle that is more extensive than mere repairs. Thus, it refers to the additional amount your insurance company has determined you will be responsible for paying toward the repair facility on collection of your vehicle. The assessor considers old components for betterment by carefully calculating the difference between the existing percentages of wear and tear in the old component and evaluates its expected remaining life expectancy and the value of a new component. Randow Panelbeaters’ frontline manager and senior estimator will point out any additional costs to you other than the standard deductible items. Some examples of betterments include tyres, exhausts, and batteries; as well as some mechanical parts such as differentials and shocks, seats and interiors, and panels that are rusted. Betterments could also apply to other components such as damaged paintwork, engines and other components that are subjected to wear and tear during the life of a vehicle.

Do I have access to a courtesy vehicle?

Please confer with our frontline staff whether you qualify for a loan vehicle. Generally loan vehicles are only made available to those customers whose vehicles have sustained damages exceeding R10 000. Randow Panelbeaters have 80 vehicles in its courtesy fleet.

Do you provide a courtesy lift scheme?

Randow Panelbeaters is more than willing to assist customers who need to bring their vehicles in for repair. Please speak with our frontline staff for assistance. We are also able to ferry our customers to destinations as required.

How do I pay?

We apologize in advance if our policy not to accept cheque payments might cause you any inconvenience. We accept all major credit / debit cards , cash and EFT (Electronic Fund Transfers)

Will Randow Panelbeaters collect my vehicle?

Special arrangements must be made with our Reception Personnel to have accident damaged or non-drivable vehicles collected by roll-back truck or a vehicle that is drivable. Randow Panelbeaters contracts Rand Towing Group to deliver a 24-hour Tow-In Recovery Service. The company has at its disposal recovery vehicles and three Roll Back Trucks and is competent to recover any accident-related vehicle. Rand Towing Group is a member of the AA Recovery Unit, SOS, 911 Emergency and SATRA.   

A 24-hr toll-free number – 0861 550 550 - for any accident emergencies, is available.

How long will my vehicle be in for repair?

The estimated time allocated to repair a vehicle depends on the scope of the work collated from the detailed inspection parallel to the quotation assessment compiled by our estimators at our premises. Every aspect of the repair process is carefully considered to ensure on-time delivery.

Will my vehicle be returned to me in perfect repair?

Randow Panelbeaters confirms that it is able to restore an accident damaged vehicle back to a state that the manufacturer intended because the company is accredited with manufacturer approval and for that reason only employs competent, well-trained personnel that follow the correct procedures using appropriate equipment and components.

How is the paint matched?

Every colour on any vehicle today is colour coded and relates to a formula (a recipe made up of a standard series of colours called toners) compiled by the original paint manufacturer. This database of colour formulations is available to repairers worldwide, including South Africa. Randow Panelbeaters’ state-of-the-art Glasurit Spray Booth manually decants the toners required to mix the required colour according to a computerized formulation. The colour is checked by spraying a test plate before applying the paint to the vehicle; the adjustment of the colour is manually altered if necessary before final topcoat application.  We use top-of-the-range vehicle paint, Glasurit, which has a lifetime guarantee.

How long is Randow Panelbeaters’ workmanship guaranteed for?

Paintwork is guaranteed for the life span of the vehicle. All repairs carry the Randow Warranty of three years or 25,000 km from date of completion. Parts are guaranteed by the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for a period not normally exceeding 2 years from installation.

Call Centre

Randow Panelbeaters’ Call Centre provides personalized consultation with customers via telephone, the Internet and email. This service facilitates prompt reaction to queries, making of appointments, assessing quotations, and providing access to information. Feedback from customers is an important source of information that affords Randow Panelbeaters the opportunity for continuous improvement and to express appreciation to their clientele for their patronage.

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